Who I Am

My name is Andy and I’m a science interpreter.  I worked as a park ranger at Grand Teton National Park and now I work at a science museum in North Carolina.  I have two degrees in geology and my true passion in life is fossils.  I studied mosasaurs for my masters’ thesis.  This blog is home to all my nerdy thoughts and ideas and I update it on a semi regular basis.  Things I like to talk about are paleontology, Pokemon, Batman, alternate history, and Godzilla to name a few.  I also upload a podcast I do with my fiance where we talk about nerdy things as well.  If you want a glimpse of some of my favorite articles try these
Orthogenesis and the Irish Elk
TImeline of the Jabba’s Palace book
An analysis of the alternate history series “Timeline 191”
The different incarnations of Batman’s villain Bane
The Best Pokemon Games and Types for a Single Type Run (I do a whole series of these)
What does the Batman villain Poison Ivy eat?


16 thoughts on “Who I Am

    1. Andy Post author

      I honestly almost missed season 3 because I didn’t realize it was back on. By the time I did I was living in the middle of nowhere with no internet or TV access to watch it do it would’ve been hard for me to review it.
      BUT since you brought it up AND I have internet again. I’ll review season 4! I’ll catch up on season 3 and give my thoughts on season 4. Thanks for the heads up!

  1. Chris

    Hey Andy, I’m writing a paper about the Genndy Tartakovsky and his influence during the Cartoon Renaissance. I’m referencing your blog in the paper, and need to cite the source, but I can’t find your last name anywhere (which is ideal for citations in MLA format). What is it? It’s due tomorrow, so if you don’t get back to me, I’ll just use another source. Thank you!

  2. The Supreme League

    ‪Check out my BattleBots Postseason Predictions‬
    ‪https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2HJyRdcG4BA #battlebots #wewantseason5‬

  3. JB

    Hey! I just discovered your guides for the monotype Pokémon challenge, have used it for 3 seperate runs so far. Thanks!

  4. Gary

    Hi! I’m certain that this is a bit out of nowhere so my sincerest apologies if it is, but I really enjoyed some the stories you’ve written a while back, they were actually part of my nostalgia in the late 2000’s and I genuinely feel like some still hold up to this day. My favourite is admittedly a bit embarrassing to say, but it had the largest amount of chapters I believe. I just wanted to let you know that!

    I apologise if I got the wrong guy, you are LibraSnakes13, right?

    1. Andy Post author

      That’s correct! You’re talking about the Ben 10 stories right? I love writing those stories and every now and then I’ll still get a message from fanfiction asking if I’ll continue those. Thank you for reading them and reaching out! I appreciate it. 8)

      1. Gary

        Dude no way! I can’t believe you remember them too! Yep it was that one, honestly I loved it, probably because I was a huge fan of the franchise back then. Even today, I still love it for the excellent characterization and gripping story, Diamondhead/XLR8 were my favourite aliens, I just love your own take on them and always enjoy their interactions the most. Oh really? People still ask about it too? I guess there’s a good reason for it haha. If it ever, for whatever reason made a comeback, I’d be down for it.

        Also, if I may ask another unrelated question, since you’ve mentioned that you’re a Battlebots fan, have you heard of the show “Robot Wars”? It’s a bit like it in a way, though I hear it has less traditional hazards and have larger robots to act as such.

    1. Andy Post author

      Hello! Thank you for the compliment! I wrote an article about this recently but basically I don’t have any plans to do BDSP since it’s basically the same as the original games. LoA I’m leaning on no as it focuses on exploration rather than competition. But I’m currently working on SV! Hopefully you’ll see the article within the next week or so.


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