Best Monotype Runs for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

As of Generation 9, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have the best, base game record for Monotype Runs (a challenge where you train only one Type of Pokémon for your team). 16 of the 18 types have their weaknesses covered with Rock and Dragon just barely missing the mark. Additionally, all but one of the types (Ice) can be caught early in the game giving you a great start to practically any Pokémon Type you choose. Finally, six types have both a starter Pokémon and a full team neutralizing their weaknesses. It’s fantastic! Check out the full team list below along with the location of your first Pokémon but first, the rules.


  1. A type must be selected before starting the game. Upon playing the game the player must make all attempts to capture a Pokémon of that type as soon as possible. Once captured, the previous Pokémon of the party must be disregarded if they are not of that type.
  2. Pokémon that have yet to evolve into that type (e.g., Nidoran in a Ground type Run or Caterpie in a Flying type Run) may be caught but must be evolved as soon as possible.
  3. Out-of-game trading is not allowed
  4. Only Pokémon caught before Elite Four are applicable for your team.
  5. No Terastallizing a Pokémon into a completely different type.

Best Types
It’s incredibly hard to pick which type is the best but if I had to choose some it would be Fighting, Flying, Ground, Normal, and Water. I would also throw in Poison in Scarlet as it gets version exclusive Skuntank and Dragalge. I do want to stress that you can feasibly do a decent Monotype Run for any of the types. The ones I chose here get special mention due to their diversity and abundance, especially as you can get quite a few early in the game.

Normal subpar types get a good boost in these games especially Fire! This type has had a horrible track record in abundance and type coverage. Scarlet and Violet, however, just nails it for the burning type. They have a fantastic starter (Fuecoco), great diversity (Volcarona, Talonflame, and Houndoom for instance), and our first Fire/Grass Pokemon, Scovillain! Also, consider Electric as well! It has Mareeeeep.

Worst Types
The losers in these games aren’t necessarily horrible or bad they just couldn’t keep up with the rest. Ice, Rock, and Dragon are my pick for the worst but surprisingly, they are still among the best runs for their respective types in the series! So what went wrong? Well, Rock and Dragon missed out on complete neutralization of their weaknesses which is a shame because if we had gotten a Duraludon and a Crustle/Minior we would’ve been set! Ice and Dragon also suffer from a limited pool of early available Pokemon, ESPECIALLY Ice. You can do an in-game trade for Snom in Cortondo but that’s pretty much it, the other Ice Pokemon are too high leveled for beginning trainers. You’ll have to make due with Crabrawler, Eevee, and Shellder before you climb mountains. As such, out of all the types, stay away from Ice.

Type Teams

Ideal Team: Lokix, Rabsca, Heracross, Forretress, Volcarona, Frosmoth
Optional: Spidops, Kriketune, Vivillon, Vespiquen, Masquerain, Venomoth, Scyther
First Pokémon: Tarountula via Poco Path
Weaknesses Covered? Yes

Ideal Team: Meowscarada, Chi-Yu, Kingambit, Honchkrow, Spiritomb, Grimmsnarl
Optional: Tyranitar (S), Umbreon, Mabosstiff, Weavile, Cacturne, Krookodile, Hydreigon (S), Lokix, Bombirdier, Stuntank (S), Sableye, Zoroark, Houndoom, Wo-Chien, Chien-Pao, Ting-Lu
First Pokémon: Sprigatito as Starter
Weaknesses Covered? Yes

Ideal Team: Dragalge (S)/Dragonite, Dragapult (V)/Hydreigon (S), Garchomp, Goodra, Tatsugiri, Baxcalibur
Optional: Haxorus, Altaria, Cyclizar, Noivern, Flapple, Appletun, Salamence (V)
First Pokémon: Supposedly, you can catch a Goomy on the streams and creeks near Los Platos.
Weaknesses Covered? No, Dragon is not covered in both versions, Violet is also exposed to Fairy moves.

Ideal Team: Eelektross, Ampharos, Kilowattrel, Toxtricity, Rotom (and its many forms), Magnezone
Optional: Raichu, Luxray, Bellibolt, Jolteon, Electrode, Pachirisu, Dedenne, Pincurchin, Pawmot, Oricorio
First Pokémon: Pawmi via Poco Path
Weaknesses Covered? Yes

Ideal Team: Azumarill, Gardevoir, Mimikyu, Tinkaton, Grimmsnarl, Sylveon
Optional: Wigglytuff, Dachsbun, Florges, Klefki, Hatterene
First Pokémon: Azurill and Ralts near Los Platos
Weaknesses Covered? Yes

Ideal Team: Quaquaval, Gallade, Breloom, Lucario, Annihilape, Toxicroak
Optional: Pawmot, Tauros (Flame Breed in Scarlet and Aqua Breed in Violet), Passimian (V), Hariyama, Crabominable, Medicham, Heracross, Falinks, Hawlucha, Flamigo
First Pokémon: Quaxly as Starter
Weaknesses Covered? Yes

Ideal Team: Skeledirge, Talonflame, Volcarona, Scovillain, Camerupt, Torkoal
Optional: Houndoom, Tauros Flame Breed (S), Armarouge (S)/Ceruledge (V), Coalossal, Oricorio, Flareon, Arcanine, Pyroar, Salazzle, Rotom-Heat Form, Chi-Yu
First Pokémon: Fuecoco via Starter
Weaknesses Covered? Yes! This is very rare so take this opportunity while you can.

Ideal Team: Talonflame, Corviknight, Kilowattrel, Hawlucha, Gyarados, Dragonite
Optional: Jumpluff, Vivillon, Vespiquen, Drifblim (S), Salamence (V), Oriocorio (and all its forms), Squawkabilly, Pellipper, Rotom-Fan Form, Altaria, Honchkrow, Tropius, Scyther, Bombirdier, Staraptor, Noivern, Flamigo, Delibird, Braviary, Masquerain
First Pokémon: Hoppip and Fletchling vs Poco Path
Weaknesses Covered? Yes

Ideal Team: Skeledirge, Gengar (via in-game trade), Dragapult (V)/Houndstone, Annihilape, Gholdengo, Spiritomb
Optional Pokémon: Drifblim (S), Ceruledge (V), Mismagius (V), Oricorio, Polteageist, Sableye, Banette, Brambleghast, Rotom, Froslass, Palossand, Mimikyu
First Pokémon: Fuecoco as Starter
Weaknesses Covered? Yes

Ideal Team: Meowscarada, Rotom-Mow Form, Scovillain, Toedscruel, Amoonguss, Brambleghast
Optional: Jumpluff, Sunflora, Tsareena, Arboliva, Lilligant, Leafeon, Sawsbuck, Gogoat, Tropius, Lurantis, Cacturne, Breloom, Flapple/Appletun, Abomasnow, Wo-Chien
First Pokémon: Sprigatito as Starter
Weaknesses Covered? Yes

Ideal Team: Clodsire, Garchomp, Hippowdon, Camerupt, Toedscruel, Palossand
Optional: Dugtrio, Donphan, Whiscash, Krookodile, Sandaconda, Mudsdale, Pupitar, Gastrodon, Quagsire (via in-game trade), Iron Treads (one time encounter after defeating the Ground Titan in Violet), Ting-Lu
First Pokémon: Diglett via Inlet Grotto
Weaknesses Covered? Yes

Ideal Team: Crabominable, Abomasnow, Froslass, Weavile, Cloyster, Baxcalibur
Optional: Eiscue (V), Frosmoth, Rotom-Frost Form, Delibird, Glalie, Glaceon, Beartic, Cryogonal, Avalugg, Cetitan, Chien-Pao
First Pokémon:  A level 10 Snom that can be traded for a Flabebe in Cortondo. You can also find an Eevee near Cortondo.
Weaknesses Covered?  Yes

Ideal Team: Farigiraf, Wigglytuff, Maushold, Arboliva, Staraptor, Dudunsparce
Optional: Oranguru (S), Oinkologne, Fletchling, Gumshoos, Greedent, Azurill, Slaking, Squawkabilly, Eevee, Persian, Sawbuck, Blissey, Grafaiai, Stantler, Ditto, Ursaring, Zangoose, Swablu, Pyroar, Indeedee, Cyclizar, Komala, Braviary
First Pokémon: Lechonk via Poco Path
Weaknesses Covered? Yes, same as it ever was

Ideal Team: Clodsire, Gengar (via in-game trade), Amoonguss/Venomoth, Toxicroak, Revavroom/Skuntank (S), Glimmora/Dragalge (S)
Optional: Swalot (V), Muk, Salazzle, Toxtricity, Grafaiai, Seviper, Qwilfish, Toxapex
First Pokémon: Paldean Wooper near Los Platos
Weaknesses Covered? Yes

Ideal Team: Gardevoir, Gallade, Slowbro, Farigiraf, Rabsca, Espathra
Optional: Hypno, Oranguru (S), Armarouge (S), Oricorio, Grumpig, Medicham, Espeon, Gothitelle, Indeedee, Hatterene, Bruxish, Bronzong
First Pokémon: Ralts near Los Platos
Weaknesses Covered? Yes

Ideal Team: Drednaw, Coalossoal, Garganacl, Klawf, Glimmora, Tyranitar (S)/Lycanroc
Optional: Stonjourner (S), Sudowoodo
First Pokémon: Bonsly south of Mesagoza
Weaknesses Covered? So close but Ground is not neutralized.

Ideal Team: Corviknight, Kingambit, Bronzong, Lucario, Gholdengo, Tinkaton
Optional: Revavroom, Orthworm, Klefki, Copperajah, Forretress, Magnezone, Iron Treads (one time encounter after defeating the Ground Titan in Violet), Perserker
First Pokémon: Rookidee near Los Platos
Weaknesses Covered?  Yes, provided you have a Bronzong with the “Heatproof” Ability

Ideal Team: Quaquaval, Rotom-Wash Form, Gastrodon, Gyarados, Slowbro, Tatsugiri
Optional: Floatzel, Golduck, Drednaw, Tauros Aqua Breed (V), Clawitzer (V), Quagsire (via in-game trade), Pelipper, Barraskewda, Basculin, Whiscash, Vaporeon, Palafin, Azumarill, Qwilfish, Luvdisc, Lumineon, Alomomola, Cloyster, Veluza, Dondozo, Toxapex, Bruxish
First Pokémon: Quaxly as Starter
Weaknesses Covered? Yes


Best Monotype Runs in Pokemon Crystal Clear

In preparation for the upcoming open world Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games I want to go off the path and do a rom hack, specifically Pokemon Crystal Clear! A heavily modded version of the original Pokemon Crystal, the rom hack gives you a plethora of starters, an open world-start anywhere map, and every pokemon available to you before the Elite Four! This even includes Pokemon you’ll have to trade to evolve which is AMAZING. The play possibilities are endless but how do Monotype Runs fare? Let’s take a look at the winners and losers along with your teams but first, the rules!

Monotype Run Rules

  1. Only Pokémon of a certain type may be caught and trained.
  2. You must catch the first Pokémon available of that type if your starter does not match that type (you’ll then have to discard that starter).
  3. You may train a Pokémon that evolves to said type as long as you evolve it ASAP.
  4. No out-of-game trading allowed (not that it matters here).
  5. Only Pokémon caught before Elite Four are counted.

Best/Most Improved Types

Water, Flying, Normal are great yadda yadda yadda. Same as before in the regular versions. Even then these already splendid teams get further boosts like Flying gives you the Legendary Birds while Water gets the like of Kingdra and Blastoise so that’s neat! Also you can get a Snorlax now for my Normies which is quite delightful.

The more interesting question is which is the most improved type? Hard to say as every type gets a boost in some way. Honestly? Rock is hella good now. You can get all the fossil Pokemon (which covers your weaknesses) and when you add a Golem to the mix then this team is looking pretty good! And the holy grail? Motherflippin Tyranitar! Now you can get a Larvitar near the beginning of the game instead of waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay at the end which was incredibly frustrating. Going to be a pain tracking down all the fossils but that’s part of the journey!

Oh and seriously consider Ice as now you can get either a Seel or a Smoochum as a starter. Believe it or now you’ll have a team with all the weaknesses covered! Heck, Jynx, Lapras, and Articuno alone should be enough to convince you. Dark is now a contender thanks to the Houndour starter and a diverse team of Tyranitar, Sneasel, Murkrow, and Umbreon.

Worst Types

Even with everything available practically from the get-go not every type is a winner. Specifically, Dragon and Ghost. We have no starters for either of them and you have two different families for each as your team. And even then both have their own unique flaws. Gastly is just AWFUL in that early stage as you’ll basically Lick your opponents to death so be prepared for that! And Dratini you’ll have to surf around Dragon’s Den to find one and then raise the little guy which is also tedious. At least you can get a fully evolved Kingdra and Gengar! So it’s not…bad bad per say.

Type Teams

Ideal Team: Heracross, Venomoth, Shuckle, Parasect, Scyther, Scizor
Optional: Butterfree, Beedril, Ledian, Ariados, Yanma, Forretress, Pinsir
Starter? Nope
Covers Weaknesses? Yes

Ideal Team: Murkrow, Umbreon, Tyranitar, Sneasel, Houndoom
Starter? Houndour
Covers Weaknesses? Yes, thanks to Murkrow

Ideal Team: Dragonite, Kingdra
Starter?: None
Covers Weaknesses? No

Ideal Team: Raikou, Ampharos, Magneton, Lanturn, Raichu, Zapdos
Optional: Electrode, Jolteon, Electabuzz
Starter? Pikachu, Pichu, Elekid, Voltorb
Covers Weaknesses? Yep

Ideal Team: Machamp, Poliwrath, Heracross, Hitmontop, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee
Optional: Primeape
Starter? Tyrogue
Covers Weaknesses? Psychic and Flying not neutralized.

Ideal Team: Charizard, Magmar, Arcanine, Magcargo, Ho-Oh, Entei
Optional: Flareon, Rapidash, Ninetales, Typhlosion
Starter? Charmander, Ponyta, Cyndaquil, Magby, Growlithe, Houndour 
Covers Weaknesses? No; Rock and Water are not covered

Ideal Team: Gyarados, Dragonite, Gligar, Zapdos, Charizard, Xatu
Optional: Dodrio, Pidgeot, Spearow, Mantine, Crobat, Yanma, Scyther, Ledian, Butterfree, Farfetch’d, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Togetic, Jumpluff, Skarmory, Delibird, Murkrow, Articuno, Moltres, Aerodactyl
Starter? Togepi, Magikarp, and Charmander
Covers Weaknesses? Yes

Ideal Team: Gengar, Misdreavus
Starter? No
Covers Weaknesses? No, Ghost and Dark not neutralized

Ideal Team: Meganium, Jumpluff, Venusaur, Exeggutor, Parasect, Celebi
Optional: Tangela, Victreebel, Vileplume, Bellossom, Sunflora
Starter? Chikorita, Bulbasaur
Covers Weaknesses? No, Flying, Ice, and Fire are not neutralized.

Ideal Team: Quagsire, Steelix, Golem, Nidoking/Nidoqueen, Piloswine, Gligar
Optional: Golem, Onix, Donphan, Sandslash, Rhydon, Marowak, Dugtrio
Starter? Nope
Covers Weaknesses? Yes

Ideal Team: Piloswine, Lapras, Sneasel, Cloyster, Jynx, Articuno
Optional: Delibird, Dewgong
Starter? Smoochum
Covers Weaknesses? Surprisingly yes

Ideal Team: Pidgeot, Clefable, Snorlax, Girafarig, Porygon2, Tauros
Optional: Stantler, Urasaring, Fearow, Noctowl, Kangaskhan, Lickitung, Aipom, Persian, Furret, Raticate, Ditto, Dunsparce, Farfetch’d, Dodrio, Togetic, Miltank, Wigglytuff, Blissy
Starter? Igglybuff, Cleffa, Eevee, Togepi, Porygon, Ditto
Covers Weaknesses? Yes

Ideal Team: Gengar, Venomoth, Tentacruel, Venusaur, Crobat, Nidoking/Nidoqueen
Optional: Muk, Weezing, Arbok, Ariados, Beedril, Victreebel, Vileplume
Starter? Bulbasaur 
Covers Weaknesses? No, Psychic is not neutralized.

Ideal Team: Espeon, Girafarig, Lugia, Mewtwo, Mew, Starmie/Slowbro
Optional: Xatu, Alakazam, Hypno, Wobbufett, Mr. Mime, Unown, Celebi, Slowking, Jynx, Exeggutor
Starter? Unown, Slowpoke, Smoochum 
Covers Weaknesses? No, Dark is not neutralized

Ideal Team: Tyranitar, Rhydon, Golem, Aerodactyl, Omastar, Magcargo
Optional: Shuckle, Onix, Kabutops, Corsola, Sudowoodo
Starter? None 
Covers Weaknesses? Yes

Ideal Team: Magneton, Forretress, Skarmory, Scizor, Steelix
Starter? None 
Covers Weaknesses? No, Fire is not neutralized

Ideal Team: Feraligatr, Gyarados, Quagsire, Slowbro/Starmie, Tentacruel, Kingdra
Optional: Lapras/Dewgong/Cloyster, Vaporeon, Seaking, Golduck, Azumarill, Kingler, Corsola, Poliwrath, Politoed, Octillery, Mantine, Suicune, Lanturn, Blastoise, Slowking, Omastar, Kabutops
Starter? Squirtle, Totodile, Magikarp, Seel, Slowpoke, Psyduck 
Covers Weaknesses? Yes

Pokemon Monotype Run Update

Hello everyone! I’ve been inactive on this blog for awhile but I want to stress that I’m still here and I see you all!

First, thank you for continuing to visit my site all these years! I appreciate that my Monotype Run articles still get use all this time.

Second, thank you for those who give me corrections to my articles. There are TONS of research that goes in them and inevitably things fall through the cracks. I try to keep them as accurate as I can and contributions like these go a long way.

Third, I’m planning on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Monotype Run analysis! I have to say, I’m actually more excited about these games than I was for Sword and Shield. I’m ESPECIALLY excited for the open world aspect of these games. I believe Monotype Runs are going to explode in popularity as gyms are no longer required to go in a certain order. Although the work load will be daunting, I think it’s going to be fun figuring out the best strategies when determining your Monotype Teams.

Fourth, at this time, I do NOT plan on releasing an analysis on Pokemon BDSP and Arceus. For BDSP, they were straight up remakes of the old games and do not seem to have any variation (although I could be totally wrong here). At best, I’ll probably go back and update the old Diamond/Pearl/Platinum article to include BDSP but as it stands, what I currently have is good enough. Arceus is trickier as although I love love love the game, I don’t think Monotype Runs are a good fit for it given its exploratory/catching focused gameplay. But! If you think otherwise let me know.

Lastly, for the longest time I wanted an interactive webpage for people to select Monotype Runs. At this time I have nothing planned but if you have any thoughts or suggestions how I can achieve this goal I’m all ears.

Thanks again and see you later.

Four things I love about Discovery’s Battlebots (and four things they should do)

As I write this article, Battlebots is currently airing its third season on Discovery Channel making it the fifth season since its revival started on ABC in 2015. I predicted Battlebots move to Discovery would fit better for its audience and I was right! Discovery has been doing an amazing job lately with Battlebots that I think should be praised for! Even so, there is still room of improvement so here are four things I like and four things that Discovery should do for Battlebots!

BattleBots 2019 World Championship bracket – BattleBots
2019 Bracket

Like: Determining which bots make it to the tournament
I know I’m saying this when we’re already three seasons in but I really like the regular season (or “Fight Night” as they call it) of Battlebots. ABC and Comedy Central did NOT have these fights and it makes it hard to root for a Battlebot who may get knocked out early. Having a Battlebot fight four fights (or three for this 2020 season) before the tournament gives them a chance to shine even if they may not make it to the bracket. It also gives us a great idea who the big dogs are this season. I also LOVE how Discovery gives the builders a chance for glory via the Desperado Tournament, or in some cases a mini rumble. THOSE…are excellent! It gives us an extra flavor on who should be seeded and who shouldn’t.

I also like how, particularly in this latest, 2020 season, Battlebots has been pitting robots with a similar win record against each other. A 1-0 bot will fight a 1-0 bot while a 0-1 bot will fight a 0-1 bot and so forth. That really shows who are the best bots and gives us a GREAT idea who to look out for! I’m really excited what Discovery has planned for our good but not great bots and determining how they will be ranked. Here’s hoping for more rumbles!

Improvement: Less pre-match fluff, more battles
I’ve been saying this since ABC but it’s especially important now given the massive roster we have this season (62 robots!!). There is a lot of time before each match spent on bot entrance, setting up the bot, discussing strategies, pressing the button, waiting, and then finally beginning the match. We don’t need that. Save that for the tournament and the main event!

I would say the only thing I would like to have pre-match is the team’s strategy for the match but that should be it. It’s also important because you could get easily disappointment if a hyped match is boring. If you cut down on the time spent here, you could squeeze in one more match into the episode. And we all love to see robots fight each other!!

DeathRoll (2019) – BattleBots
Deathroll (2019)

Like: Low tier robots are given a second chance the following season
Many robots that have an especially poor or just uneventful season usually don’t come back the following season and that’s totally fine in my book. It gives us a chance for new robots to come in and get a chance to shine without overcrowding the field!

HOWEVER, I like it that Battlebots gives some robots a chance to redeem themselves and it has paid off magnificently. Most prominent was 2019’s Deathroll and, so far, this season’s Kraken. Kenny and Chris have both been commenting this season that there are a lot of rookie robots in previous years that take a step up and I really like that! They understand what works and what doesn’t and now that they have a feel for the field; they can really shine a second time! We’ve seen this in numerous teams like Mad Catter, Uppercut, and recently Valkyrie getting some amazing KO’s! I think that’s amazing.

Improvement: Give “control” more weight in a judges’ decision
The current judges scorecard is 5 for Damage, 3 for Control, and 3 for Aggression with the points split between the two bots. Unfortunately, I think this gives it a disadvantage to lift, grip, and flip bots who rely on arena hazards and out-of-arena KOs for a win. There’s a reason why vertical-disk spinners are a very common design for Battlebots because it’s an effective weapon that can give those damage points. However, if Battlebots really wants those bot varieties they should strengthen that “Control” decision (like 4 for Damage, 4 for Control, and 3 for Aggression) and I think that could make a big difference in fights and give a lift to bots like DUCK! who rely on their lifting arm to push the bots around. Hydra vs. Witch Doctor is a good example because even though Hydra kept flipping Witch Doctor in the air, WD kept coming right back and was not phased at all by the fall damage.

Taken from Battlebots Season 5, Episode 6. Note the plexiglass separating Chris and Kenny.

Like: Battlebots taking COVID seriously
I was really worried that Discovery would cancel Battlebots this year due to COVID. But I was really surprised that they went through with it! Watching the first episode this season was just so strange but at the same time reassuring for the new set up. Like the plexiglass between Chris and Kenny, the after-match interviews done at a safe distance, and the warehouse where the teams are all spread out from each other. I also like how the teams make up the audience and given how many teams are participating this year they do a decent job filling in for the crowd! It’s also really insightful when the camera cuts to the teams after a controversial decision. Makes me feel validated when I feel like the match went the wrong way!

And supposedly no one got sick during the whole process! That’s pretty amazing. Way to go Battlebots and Discovery for making the season safe but still entertaining! My hats off to you!

Improvement: Give me that technical good stuff
I grew up watching Mythbusters and I know whenever they brought up a STEM lesson they kept it simple enough for the public to understand but still interesting. I would love to see more scenes of the builders going through their robot and talking about what they upgraded, how they fared in the fight, and so forth. I find it really fascinating. Like the bit this season on Ribbot having that cool remote control?? That was excellent! And Chomp’s crazy ass mechanical ingenuity?? Give me more of that!

Dare I say that if we followed a builder and went through their process of building a combat robot it may get other people involved knowing how they can build their robot which leads me to…

Sporkinok (2020) – BattleBots
Sporkinok (2020)

Like: Team Diversity
Admittedly, this can be also seen as a “necessary improvement” but I like how Battlebots is really trying to expand the diversity in their teams whether its their age, gender identity, or nationality. People bring different ideas to the table! They can also be fantastic role models for other would-be engineers! It looks like COVID may have hampered this season’s International teams, so I’m hoping the next season will bring in more non-American teams.

Granted, this still has a way to go before we seem some improvement but this season’s Malice, Pain Train, and Sporkinok are great examples of things to come for Battlebots.

Improvement: Release the best matches on YouTube
The one thing that ABC is kicking Discovery’s ass in was their social media because they released a LOT of great fights from those two seasons on YouTube! I dare say that Minotaur is now a famous bot because of all those millions of views it garnered online. Discovery…WHY AREN’T YOU DOING THAT TOO?? Seriously. I know Battlebots has the “Basement Tapes” or whatever for unaired matches but we want the GOOD STUFF.

I seriously think they could get a crap ton of views from the recent Rotator vs. Valkyrie and Uppercut vs. Sawblaze fights. Those are PRIME examples of Battlebots at its peak! A very evenly, exciting match and an explosive, one-sided fight is GOLD for those internet views. Releasing these videos online will not only spread the word about Battlebots but also get new people interested and excited to join in and try out robot fighting!

What do you think? Do you have things you like or things that could be improved on? Let me know! GO MALICE!!

Need Input for New Pokemon Challenge Run Articles

Hello everyone!

Last month saw the release of my (at this time) final Monotype Article, “Best Pokemon Games for a Dragon-Type Run.” Now, all 18 Pokemon Types and every main line game (as of this post) have Monotype articles! I wrote these articles whenever I could and it took me several years to complete.

These articles have been amazing for my blog and I frequently get compliments and referrals to them. I appreciate all of you for your love, your corrections, and your input! Now that I’m done writing the articles (besides small corrections here and there), I’m ready to move on to other projects. My question to you all is what other type of analyses or articles would you like me to do for Pokemon? I’m already looking into Monolocke Runs, which has been interesting and more complicated than I thought it would be but I’m up for other ideas as well. You all know I put a lot of love and effort into them so rest assured if there’s an idea that I like I will give it my all.

Anyway, thank you everyone for reading and contributing to this blog. I love you all very much and fingers crossed for a Diamond and Pearl remakes! Lord knows those games could go for an ORAS-like adrenaline shot for Monotype Runs.

Teen Titans Season 5, Ep 4-6 Review

In this episode, we review Teen Titans, Season 5, episodes “For Real,” “Snowblind,” and “Kole.” We talk about the Titans East getting a moment to shine, the inconsistent rules of DC nuclear radiation, and Dr. Light finally getting a chance to shine.

Best Pokemon Games for a Dragon Type Run

I think a lot of us growing up wanted a full team of unique Dragons in Pokemon because Dragon Pokemon are awesome! But Dragon Pokemon usually appear very late in the games and when they do you can only select a few of them. But with the recent games, that Farfetch’d dream is now a reality! The Dragon type is one of the hardest types to do a good Monotype Run but believe it or not there are a select few games that you can choose from. Tally ho!


  1. Only Pokémon of a certain type may be caught and trained.
  2. You must catch the first Pokémon available of that type if your starter does not match that type (you’ll then have to discard that starter).
  3. You may train a Pokémon that evolves to said type as long as you do it ASAP.
  4. No out-of-game-trading allowed.
  5. Mega Pokémon count as long as you Mega Evolve them as soon as they appear on the battlefield.
  6. Only Pokémon caught before Elite Four are counted.

Best Games for a Dragon Run
The hardest part about doing a Dragon Run are their late availability and ESPECIALLY their exposure to weaknesses. As such, without a doubt, the best games for a Dragon run are Sword and Shield. Once you get into the Wild Area go to this den and throw in a Wishing Piece if it hasn’t spawned yet. This is probably the most frustrating part of this run as you may spend a good amount of time getting the likes of Noibat, Trapinch and Axew. But after that it gets much easier. You’ll slowly capture other Dragon Pokemon and by the end of the game you can get a Duraludon who takes care of all three of your weaknesses! Trust me, it’s really great.
I would also consider UltraSun/UltraMoon and even though your Noibat comes right after the first trial, you’re pretty set from then on (a Bagon comes right afterwards). You get a nice variety of Dragon Pokemon and sure you are exposed to your weaknesses but you’ll have a strong team to handle it for the most part.
Finally, XY would be the other games I recommend as you get a splendid variety of rare Dragon Pokemon like Tyrantrum and Hydreigon. Dragalge (Y) and Charizard-X are version exclusives though so you can’t get both naturally which is a big shame. Regardless of the version your first Pokemon is still after the first gym.

Worst Games for a Dragon Run
God, there’s a lot of bad games here. Seriously, Dragons just have a horrible time for a Monotype Run. I can be forgiving for low diversity (they are super strong after all) but man that late appearance is just killer. The worst game is probably Crystal as you can only catch a Dratini when you have seven badges. And don’t forget that Dratini evolves late and Johto is not a good place for grinding. Absolutely terrible. It’s only slightly worse than Gold and Silver which you need 2100 coins in the game corner to get your Dratini and by then what’s the point???? That doesn’t sound fun to me. Kanto games are in the same boat with just Dragonite but at least for there you can catch one after the fourth gym or so.
Similarly, Diamond and Pearl are straight up awful as your first (and basically only) Pokemon is a Gible after the sixth gym. Platinum is better because you can get one after the second gym but it’s still bad. Yeah…just stick to Gen 6 and on and even then be picky.

Dragon Teams in Pokemon Games

Red, Blue, Yellow, and FireRed, LeafGreen
Ideal Team: Dragonite
First Pokémon: Dratini via Safari Zone
Covers weaknesses?  No, Ice and Dragon not covered

Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, SoulSilver
Ideal Team: Dragonite
First Pokémon: Dratini via Dragon Den after the eighth gym or bought at the Goldenrod Game Corner after the second gym. Via Pokewalker in Blue Lake at 5000+ steps.
Covers Weaknesses? No

Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and OmegaRuby, AlphaSapphire
Ideal Team: Salamence, Flygon/Garchomp (ORAS), Mega Sceptile (ORAS), Dragalge (OR), Lati@s (ORAS), Hydreigon (ORAS)
Optional: Altaria, Druddigon (ORAS), Haxorus (ORAS), Rayquaza (Emerald)
First Pokémon: Besides Teecko in ORAS, you can catch a Swablu in Route 114 after the third gym
Covers Weaknesses? No, Ice is not neutralized and, unless you have a Mega Altaria, Dragon is not neutralized.

Diamond, Pearl, Platinum
Ideal Team: Garchomp, Dialga (Diamond)/Palkia (Pearl)/Giratina (Platinum), Altaria (Platinum)
First Pokémon: Gible in Wayward Cave. In Diamond and Pearl you need strength which is after the 6th gym. In Platinum, strength is not required and you can catch one after the second gym.
Covers Weaknesses? Only in Diamond thanks to Dialga but in the other two versions, Pearl has a Dragon weakness and Platinum has both a Dragon and Ice weakness

Black, White, B2W2
BW Ideal Team: Haxorus, Druddigon, Hydreigon, Zekrom (W)/Reshiram (B)
First Pokémon: Axew, via Mistralton Cave, after the sixth gym
Cover weaknesses?  No, neither version neutralizes Dragon moves.  Pokemon White has an additional weakness to Ice.

B2W2 Ideal Team: Flygon, Haxorus, Altaria, Druddigon, Hydreigon
First Pokémon: Trapinch via Desert Resort after third gym
Cover weaknesses? No, watch out for Ice and Dragon attacks

Ideal Team: Goodra, Dragonite, Mega Charizard X (X)/Dragalge (Y), Tyrantrum, Garchomp, Hydreigon
Optional: Flygon, Noivern, Haxorus, Salamence, Altaria, Druddigon
First Pokémon: Axew via Connecting Cave after the first gym or Charmander in Lumiose City after the first gym for Pokémon X.
Weaknesses Covered? No, X is weak to Dragon.  Y is weak to Dragon and Ice.

Sun, Moon, and USUM
SM Ideal Team: Komomo-o, Garchomp, Exeggutor, Drampa (Moon)/Turtonator (Sun), Salamence, Hydreigon (scan)
Optional: Flygon, Haxorus (scan), Goodra
First Pokémon: Bagon via Route 3 (south of the bridge), shortly before the Melemele Grand Trial
Cover weaknesses? Pokemon Sun is weak to just Dragon moves. Pokemon Moon is weak to Dragon, Ice, and Fairy moves.

USUM Ideal Team: Tyrantrum (US)/Dragalge (UM), Komomo-o, Garchomp, Exeggutor, Drampa (UM)/Turtonator (US), Salamence/Noivern
Optional: Flygon, Haxorus (scan), Goodra
First Pokémon: Noibat in Verdant Cavern after the first trial is completed.
Cover weaknesses? Pokemon Ultra Sun is weak to just Dragon moves.  Pokemon Ultra Moon is weak to Dragon and Ice moves.

Sword and Shield
Ideal Team: Flygon, Dracovish, Turtonator (Sword)/Haxorus, Kommo-o (Sword)/Drampa (Shield), Duraludon, Dragapult
Optional: Goodra (Shield), Flapple (Sword)/Appletun (Shield), Dracozolt, Hydreigon (Sword)
First Pokémon: In Rolling Fields, you can always find Dragon Pokemon by Max Raids at Den 37/64.  These include Noibat, Trapinch, Axew, Jangmo-o (Sword), Goomy (Shield) and sometimes Applin and Dreepy.
Weaknesses Covered? Yes, thanks to Duraludon who’s unfortunately catchable near the end of the game.

MVP (Most Valuable Pokemon)

Duraludon Pokédex: stats, moves, evolution & locations | Pokémon Database

Avid readers of my articles may raise an eyebrow to this but Dragons are a special type so they deserve special circumstances. Despite only appearing in TWO GAMES so far, Duraludon is the must have for your team. Dragon teams consistently fail in covering all their weaknesses (especially to other Dragons) but having Duraludon on your team takes care of all three at once! And it’s great! Just carrying a STAB Steel and Dragon move can do some quality damage against Fairy, Dragon, and Ice types. Duraludon is also powerful so this is a great Pokemon to have on your team.
Obviously, Duraludon has only appeared in two games so far, Sword and Shield, and even then it appears near the end of those games which stink. Regardless, as more and more Pokemon games continue to be release you can bet that if you can catch a Duraludon then you have taken a big step forward in making a fantastic Dragon team.
Available in: Sword and Shield

Turtonator Pokédex: stats, moves, evolution & locations | Pokémon Database

Turtonator and Mega Charizard-X
Despite Western Dragons traditionally known to be fire-breathers, there’s very few true Dragon/Fire Pokemon. And you honestly going to need these guys in order to combat your dreaded Ice and Fairy weaknesses. Obviously, Charizard-X is pretty uncommon and can only be acquired so far in Let’s Go and X whereas Turtonator has a status as a version-exclusive creature (with its counterpart being Drampa). So their rarity is a bit upsetting. Still, getting that Charmander in X makes it one of the earliest Dragon Pokemon you can catch for your Dragon teams even though its technically not a Dragon…If you can, teach these Pokemon some Fairy-counter moves (like Steel Wing or Flash Cannon) as although Fire resists Fairy moves, it’s not super effective against them.
Available in: Charizard-X in X and Let’s Go, Turtonator in Sun, UltraSun, and Sword

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