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Pokemon Monotype Run Update

Hello everyone! I’ve been inactive on this blog for awhile but I want to stress that I’m still here and I see you all!

First, thank you for continuing to visit my site all these years! I appreciate that my Monotype Run articles still get use all this time.

Second, thank you for those who give me corrections to my articles. There are TONS of research that goes in them and inevitably things fall through the cracks. I try to keep them as accurate as I can and contributions like these go a long way.

Third, I’m planning on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Monotype Run analysis! I have to say, I’m actually more excited about these games than I was for Sword and Shield. I’m ESPECIALLY excited for the open world aspect of these games. I believe Monotype Runs are going to explode in popularity as gyms are no longer required to go in a certain order. Although the work load will be daunting, I think it’s going to be fun figuring out the best strategies when determining your Monotype Teams.

Fourth, at this time, I do NOT plan on releasing an analysis on Pokemon BDSP and Arceus. For BDSP, they were straight up remakes of the old games and do not seem to have any variation (although I could be totally wrong here). At best, I’ll probably go back and update the old Diamond/Pearl/Platinum article to include BDSP but as it stands, what I currently have is good enough. Arceus is trickier as although I love love love the game, I don’t think Monotype Runs are a good fit for it given its exploratory/catching focused gameplay. But! If you think otherwise let me know.

Lastly, for the longest time I wanted an interactive webpage for people to select Monotype Runs. At this time I have nothing planned but if you have any thoughts or suggestions how I can achieve this goal I’m all ears.

Thanks again and see you later.