Need Input for New Pokemon Challenge Run Articles

Hello everyone!

Last month saw the release of my (at this time) final Monotype Article, “Best Pokemon Games for a Dragon-Type Run.” Now, all 18 Pokemon Types and every main line game (as of this post) have Monotype articles! I wrote these articles whenever I could and it took me several years to complete.

These articles have been amazing for my blog and I frequently get compliments and referrals to them. I appreciate all of you for your love, your corrections, and your input! Now that I’m done writing the articles (besides small corrections here and there), I’m ready to move on to other projects. My question to you all is what other type of analyses or articles would you like me to do for Pokemon? I’m already looking into Monolocke Runs, which has been interesting and more complicated than I thought it would be but I’m up for other ideas as well. You all know I put a lot of love and effort into them so rest assured if there’s an idea that I like I will give it my all.

Anyway, thank you everyone for reading and contributing to this blog. I love you all very much and fingers crossed for a Diamond and Pearl remakes! Lord knows those games could go for an ORAS-like adrenaline shot for Monotype Runs.


9 thoughts on “Need Input for New Pokemon Challenge Run Articles

  1. Harrison

    It would be interesting to see an “in-game trades” run for each game. Alternatively you could do a “no catch” run, where you only use gift pokemon to fight. For example, in Soul Silver you can obtain your starter, Togepi, the special code gift egg pokemon in Violet city (Mareep, Wooper, or Slugma), Spearow, Shuckle, Eevee, and Dratini. Alternatively, if you wanted to add even more variety, you technically don’t catch pokemon you win from the game corner which provides you with Dratini, Sandshrew or Ekans by version, and Abra.

  2. Mel

    Maybe instead of simply the variety of Pokemon per type you can find in each game, you can write articles about the type matchups against the various bosses. For example, in the Johto games, Grass is on a special level of awful, really only succeeding against Chuck and Whitney if you’re lucky.

    1. Franklin Pierce

      I agree with this idea, some games are just terrible for specific types (psychic type is terrible in RSE because of all of the Poochyena/Mightyena and terrible in DPP because of all of the Stunky/Skuntank).

  3. Jamie

    I LOVE your guides and it would be amazing to see the Sword and Shield guides updated for the expansion??? You could also do the best Pokemon to use in Nuzlockes or something like that.

  4. Donno

    Thank you sooooo much for these!!! Maybe you could make guides for Pokemon fan-games such as Pokemon Radical Red?

  5. Jamie

    Maybe you could do an article on monotype runs in pokemon Colosseum and XD Gale of Darkness. I have been analyzing these games in monotype terms myself, and I would love to see your thoughts. I was shocked at the low number of ghosts in Colosseum.

  6. Roy

    Now that Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are out, it would be great to see your mono-type run articles updated for these new games. I suspect there won’t be many changes compared to Diamond / Pearl / Platinum but it would be nice all the same.

    1. Andy Post author

      Thank you for your comment! Ive honestly been on the fence for doing it since it’s a big investment and there’s not a lot of changes but I’ll consider it. Thank you for your compliment

  7. Toey

    Wow…these monotype run articles are exactly what I needed! I made a spreadsheet in Excel ages ago to show what types of Pokemon were distributed in each gen and if they were Legendary, fully evolved, etc, but you’re charts are waaaay more practical. The only reason why I made mine how it is is because I also like to only use Pokemon from that specific generations as well (which can really limit your options and possibilities for monotype teams). I’m definitely gonna be using these guides for my future runs! If you were curious, here’s the chart that I made:–J4wZ17B9420Abi0hIASySA-cF52sSjceMxuGw/edit?usp=sharing


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