Would You Like to Know More? 1.01-Godzilla


First episode of Would You Like to Know More?  where my guests and I talk about Godzilla!

In this episode we will discuss how we got into Godzilla, our favorite monsters, our favorite fights, and more!  We will also talk about the most recent Godzilla movie (2014) and whether or not it is a true Godzilla film.  Finally, we will recommend three Godzilla films for fans who are interested in getting into Godzilla.

This weeks guests are Hannah Holloway (http://heholloway.com/ and https://twitter.com/HannahCarbons ), Alex Alcanter (http://virus-91.deviantart.com/), and Samuel Lamb.

SPOILERS: for Godzilla (2014) and other Godzilla films mainly Godzilla (1954), Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, and Godzilla 2000.

Some swearing used in this week’s episode.


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