March 17, 2020

Hey everyone, I updated the Monotype Chart to version 2.02, all the corrections on it were small but numerous and mainly include adding the number of Pokemon you can catch in a game.  Some of these mistakes were caught by me but a lot were from you so thanks so much for your corrections!


Here’s the corrected chart below; again if you see any corrections let me know and thanks again!

Monotype Chart 2.02


2 thoughts on “Monotype Chart updated to 2.02

  1. flerpybird

    Nice job on the updated chart! But, one thing…
    Are you going to add Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee to the chart?

    1. Andy Post author

      That’s honestly a good question. I’ve been leaning towards no at this time as they seem to be more like spin offs than true core series games. Also, my Let’s Go article has very few hits compared to the other articles so there doesn’t appear to be any large demand to see them. But if that changes then I’ll add it on.


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