Pokemon Monotype Chart Updated to 2.03

Hey everyone!  Quick update, the Pokemon Monotype Chart is now updated to 2.03.  Thanks as usual to everyone who has send me in corrections!  I appreciate all of you very much!

Monotype Chart Version 2.03

Most of the changes are minor (add or subtract a Pokemon here or there) but there were a few moderate corrections of note.

-Ground and Rock teams in B2W2 went from a “D” to a “C” rating.  In the Castelia Sewers, you can connect to a small leg of Relic Passage before the third gym.  Still not the best to train Rock or Ground Pokemon in those games but it’s still an improvement.

-Apparently, the version exclusive Pokemon in RBY is different from FRLG.  I was very shocked!  Slowpoke, for instance, is absent in FireRed but present in Red, Blue, and Yellow.  That was frustrating to go back and correct…

-You can only catch a Sableye after the championship in Shield meaning your Ghost team is exposed to Ghost attacks.

-In Platinum, although Rampardos and Bastiodon are available, you can only train one and not the other!  It all depends on your trainer ID number.  If the last digit is odd you get a Rampardos and if it’s even you get a Bastiodon.  Boo!

Finally, the chart does not include DLC for SWSH.  I don’t think it’s fair to upgrade the chart if people only have the base game and that’s it.  I might update the SWSH article in the future but I don’t have any immediate plans for it yet.  SWSH already has very good teams so it’s not a huge pressure to change it.

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Pokemon Monotype Chart Updated to 2.03

  1. Espadas

    Hello, really appreciate your work!
    I noticed that in the Normal section of B/W you counted Meloetta, but the only way to get her is through an old event, so i don’t think you should add her to the possible catches.
    This might have also messed up your numbers for Fighting/Psychic types in the same games.
    Also, i can’t get a bigger version of the chart than the image you posted in this article and it’s kinda hard to read. Any chance to have a bigger sized image?

    1. Andy Post author

      Oh right! I completely forgot that WordPress has this stupid thing where you have to go through extra steps to make the image clickable. It’s really frustrating and I will fix that!
      I will look into Meloetta as well! Thanks for the heads up. I will comment again when the images are fixed

    2. Andy Post author

      Okay! So. All the images should have clickable links now! I appreciate the heads up. Like I said, I completely forgot WordPress doesn’t automatically expand images if you click on them which is frustrating and time consuming. So thank you very much!
      I double check the Normal team for B/W and looks like I just did a miscount. I was initially confused because I didn’t list Meloetta but I think I just mistyped the chart for that team as the Psychic and Fighting teams look good. Look out for the edit in the next update! Thanks for the catch and thanks for your compliment!


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