Need Input For Future Monolocke Article

Hey everyone, if you’re not here for my Monotype articles just skip this but for everyone else I have an announcement.  Based on a rise in popularity and search histories, I will be writing a Monolocke article similar to my other articles.  A Monolocke Run is a combination of the infamous Nuzlocke Challenge with a Monotype Run.  I have never done one personally but I’ve been thinking about how it could work and which games and types would be the best for it.

However, as there are rule variations of it online I wanted to get some second opinions.  As such if you have any experience in a Monolocke Run, or just have your own thoughts, then I would love to hear from you.  They can be on rules, how feasible it is or which games and types would be the best/worst.  Just leave a comment here or message me for your input!  As usual, I always love hearing from you guys and I hope you will find my article enjoyable once it comes out.  Cheers.


1 thought on “Need Input For Future Monolocke Article

  1. solascripturahs

    I think a mono Normal, Flying, or Water would work best.

    Normal type pokemon are found pretty regularly throughout the game, cancel out their weakness easily and in abundance, and can utilize something like Rest STAB Snore to stay healthy in weird spots. The fact that they are generally pretty bulky on the health side and have few weaknesses makes the surprise critical hits less worrisome.

    Water and Flying also occur frequently throughout most games. It only takes some amount of water for you to Surf on to help replace your team in each route for Water, and most Old Rods are geared to hit Magikarp most of the time which is incredibly helpful for finding a guaranteed heavy hitter for either Water or Flying on almost any water route.

    It would be pretty interesting to watch you do a Twitch stream run of one of these if you have the time, interest, and software.


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